Benefits of Parks for Human Life

Benefits of Parks for Human Life

A garden is an area or plot of land planted with various plants and given several additional components that are beneficial to humans. Components in the park consist of biotic and abiotic components that support one another. Biotic components of the park, among others: humans, animals and plants. While the abiotic components of the park, among others: soil, water, air, and sunlight.

In some parks there are some additional components such as fountains, walkways, ponds, gazebos, swings, and various other decorations that can add to the aesthetic value of the park. In general, parks are made to arrange, plant, and arrange various plants, such as trees, grass, and flowers as an effort to green. The general purpose of the park is to make an area more beautiful, cool, comfortable, and neatly arranged.

Based on the ownership of the park can be divided into two, namely private parks and public parks.

1. Private parks, namely parks created and used for personal (individual) interests. The purpose of making a private garden varies, depending on one’s desires. Some are for beauty, conditioning, or even a children’s playground. Private parks are usually made at home or privately owned land, such as a garden in the yard, a garden in the backyard, a rooftop garden, and so on.

2. Public parks, namely parks that are made in public places, and can be used by many people. Public parks are usually made to provide benefits to many people and add to the aesthetic value of a place, for example residential parks, office parks, city parks, and so on.
The park has various additional functions that can provide various benefits to the surrounding environment.

The park must be maintained and preserved by everyone, because the park has various functions and benefits for the community, and the surrounding environment. Therefore, we need various things that can be done in preserving the park, for example:

1. Clean the garden from various rubbish, dry leaves and various impurities that provide negative effects and can interfere with the beauty of the park.
2. Trim the plants periodically and cut weeds.
3. Doing regular watering on all plants contained in the garden.
4. Give fertilizer, to make the soil fertile.
5. Eradicate various pests that can interfere with plants in the park.
6. Conduct routine checks on various facilities contained in the park.

This park is overgrown by various plants ranging from grass, flowers and trees in this park. Various plants add to the beauty of the park. In addition there are ornaments in the form of gramophone statue ornament in the middle of the park so that adds to the beautiful atmosphere of the park.

This park can be used as an object to take pictures. This park adds to the carrying capacity of the environment because with the presence of various plants, the amount of oxygen can also increase besides it also beautifies the atmosphere, and reduces pollution. Increasing the carrying capacity of green open land is very important, because with the presence of green open land the environmental quality will be better than before.

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